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Denene Millner

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Men Respect Standards—

Get Some

There are a few things you should know about my wife, Marjorie: She is incredibly talented and supportive. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the
outside. She loves the Lord. She is a terrific mother to our chil-

dren. She’s classy and smart. And she cares for, respects, and

adores me deeply.

You should also know that my wife has a set of standards that

I have known about and respected from the first day I met her.

It started while I was doing a show in Memphis. She walked

in with another attractive woman. I couldn’t help myself; I

stopped mid-joke and said, “Excuse me, I know you don’t know

me, but one of these days, I’m going to marry you.” She laughed

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and said, “You don’t know me.” But I didn’t care and I told her

as much. I knew right then and there we were going to be mar-

ried some day (of course, this was really more of a hope than a


Maybe she knew it, too, or at least liked what she saw because

even though she disappeared the night I informed her of my

plan, she showed up two nights later at another show of mine,

and this time, I asked her to come backstage and talk for a while.

She agreed, and we became fast friends, and even dated for a

spell. But eventually, we both went our separate ways. Still, Mar-

jorie and I always remembered the friendship we had together,

and we reached out to check up on each other from time to


Finally, Marjorie and I reconnected and started dating again;

we got serious pretty quickly, both of us realizing that we had

missed out on a great relationship once, and we didn’t want to

risk losing out on it again. But, even though I knew I was in

love with this woman and that she loved me, I was still con-

nected to some women friends I had developed after my divorce,

when I had really started dating again.

Well, one particular night when Marjorie was visiting me at

my home in New York on Valentine’s Day weekend, one of

those friends called my cell. I didn’t talk much—said, “Hi,”

told her we’d chat another time and that I’d stop and see her if

and when I was back in town, and then hung up. I didn’t even

think Marjorie heard the conversation—at least she wasn’t

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