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Antilock Brake - Traction Control
System Program Features:
• Realistic accelerator & brake pedal operation

• Varying road conditions (ice, snow, wet, dry)

• Selection of “controlled wheel” (left front, right
front, left rear, right rear)

• Antilock brake system can be operated in active or
inactive mode

• Traction Control System can be operated in
active or inactive mode

• Realistic “skidding” display during ABS and/or
TCS inactive mode

• Realistic relative stopping distances during ABS
active and inactive mode

• Realistic relative acceleration distances during
TCS active and inactive mode

• Isolation of antilock mode from traction control

• Interactive “Bus” Communications with Scan

• Active Torque Request indicator

• MagnasteerTM effort indicator

• No “resident” system faults

Antilock Brake - Traction
Control System
Model 1431/40

This ATech™ Trainer is a new
model ABS/TCS system. Actual
vehicle components are organized
to enhance the concepts of
computer controlled acceleration
and brake functions.

This trainer is the only ABS/TCS
trainer in the world which allows
the student to operate the system
in a “competitive” mode with the

electronic controller. If the Antilock
system is placed in the inactive
mode, the student can attempt to
stop the vehicle in a shorter
distance than the ABS system. If
the student “over brakes” for the
selected road condition, the vehicle
displayed on the LCD will skid.
Continued “overbraking” will result
in the vehicle skidding off the road
and crashing.

“Competitive” mode of the Traction
Control system allows the student
to accelerate the vehicle to reach
30 MPH as the trainer displays the

acceleration (starting) distance.
“Overaccelerating” for the selected
road condition causes the vehicle
displayed on the LCD to skid.
Continued “overacceleration” will
result in the vehicle crashing. This
competitive operation of the trainer
allows the student to see in a
realistic manner the benefit of an
ABS/TCS system and how difficult
it is to out perform either the
stopping capability of the Antilock
Braking System or the acceleration
capability of the Traction Control

This ATech program provides the instructional resources for a hands-on study of
the DELCO - BOSCH Antilock Brake and Traction Control System. Realistic
operation and troubleshooting allow the student to learn skills and knowledge
necessary to work on this new generation of ABS/TCS controls. Students are
able to practice manufacturer’s diagnostic procedures on live components using
scan tools, multimeters, service manuals and other industry standard tools and

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