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                            A Wiccan Bible - Exploring the Mysteries of the Craft from Birth to Summerland
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	Table Of Contents
		Preface (Otherwise Known as My Last Ritual)
		Section One - The Beauty of the World
			Section Introduction - This is the first of the Three-fold Path of Wicca.
			Liber ab Nomen (Book of Name) - The Path to the Inner Circle of Wicca
			Liber ab Genesis (Book of Creation)
			Liber ab Tres I (Book of Three--Part I) - Book of Potential and Fate
			Liber ab Exodus (Book of Departure) - Our Separation Began Approximately 7,000 Generations Ago
			Liber ab Quattuor (Book of Four) - Our Reunion Begins Now
			Liber ab Tres II (Book of Three, Part II) - Confessions of an Idol Worshiper
			Liber ab Planta (Book of Plants--Condensed) - The First Order of Life - Study Material for the First Degree
		Section Two - The Paragon of Animals
			Section Introduction - This is the second of the three-fold Path of Wicca.
			Liber ab Matrimonium (Book of Marriage) - The Birth of the Magickal Child
			Liber ab Sol (Book of Sun) - A Discussion of the Sabbats
			Liber ab Luna (The Book of the Moon) - An Exploration of the Esbats or The Book of Twelve, Part I
			Liber ab Solemnitas (The Book of Holidays) - A Further Exploration of the Sabbats and Esbats Or the Book of Twelve Part II
			Liber ab Anima (The Book of Soul) - Also Known as Book of Mind and Soul Part I or the Book of Twelve Part III
			Liber ab Familia (Book of Familiars--Condensed) - The Second Order of Life - Study Material for the Second Degree
		Section Three - In Apprehension How Like a God
			Section Introduction - This is the third of the three-fold path of Wicca.
			Liber ab Gens (Book of Tribe)
			Liber ab Arma (Book of Arms) - Making a Difference in Your Community
			Liber ab Mentis (The Book of Mind)
			Liber ab Mortuus (Book of the Dead)
			Liber ab Clementia (Book of Humanity) - The Third Order of Life - Study Material for the Third Degree
		A Final Word
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Exploring the Mysteries of the Craft

from Birth to Summerland




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Page 212

Liber ab Familia (Book of Familiars—Condensed1 213

slaughtered (most for neither meat nor hide). Today, they number approximately 30,000.

Elephant—Feminine, Earth

Also known as: African Elephant and Asian Elephant

God associations: Aeacus, Apedemak, Bacchus, Dionysus, Ganesha, Indra (white el-
ephant), Krishna, Kurma, Minos, Rhadamanthus, Shiva, Vishnu, Vulcan

Goddess associations: Artemis, Diana

Most people do not realize that there are two species commonly known as the
Elephant. These are the African and Asian elephant. The Indian, Sri Lankan, and
Sumatran elephants are all sub-species of the Asian elephant. The Bush, Savannah,
and Desert elephants are all sub-species of the African elephant. The African elephant
entered the twentieth century with a speculative population of 5 to 10 million. By the
time the twenty-first century rolled around, there were less than 600,000. More accu-
rately, there were less than 600,000 when they were added to the endangered species
list in 1989. The Asian elephant is in worse condition, having started the last century
with even fewer numbers. At the turn of the twentieth century, approximately 200,000
Asian Elephants existed. At the turn of the twenty-first, there are no more than about
35,000, a decline in population of about 82.5 percent.

The Two Types of Familiars:

Animal Kin and Animal Kith

Before you remodel your home to allow an elephant into the living room, know
that familiars come in two varieties: kith and kin. Just as the process of adoption can
change a human from kith to kin, so does the adoption of an animal other than human
cause that creature to go from kith to kin. Those creatures brought into both heart and
home are said to be kin creatures or kin familiars. In Wicca, these critters are typically
known simply as familiars. However, one need not have an animal in the home to wel-
come it into the heart. Indeed, those creatures often reside in our hearts long before
we recognize their residence. These creatures that are welcome in our heart but for
whatever reason not in our home are said to be kith animals or kith familiars. In Wicca,
these critters are most often known as power or totem animals.

Kith and kin familiars can be equally in our hearts, but just as with our human
relations of kith and kin there are distinctly different ways in which we further our
relationships. One might commune with the children of our friends (kith) by attending
their birthday and graduation parties. Be it by adoption or birth, a person might com-
mune with their own children (kin) by bathing them, taking them for their first hair cut,
or tucking them in at night. Confusing the two can bring about misunderstandings.
There is little difference in our relations with animals. Some relationships are appro-
priate and some are not appropriate. Determining which is which is relatively easy
should one have a lick of common sense and an ounce of respect for our critter friends.

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Page 213

A Wiccan Bible214

Common sense: It is not appropriate to take a human child from a shopping center and
raise it as your own.

Respect for critters: It is not appropriate to take a baby bird from its mother’s nest and
bring it home to be your pet.

Kin Familiars

Most Wiccans have knowledge of the kin familiar and simply call it a familiar. Those
who have shed the spooky names that seem to come with the Wiccan religion substi-
tute the word friend for familiar. Although they might use the word pet to talk about the
critter in mixed company, many know exactly what that critter is and commune with
him or her every day. Others argue that the critter is not a familiar, demonstrating the
belief that the word familiar is only used to describe animals that have a formal role in
religious rituals. To those folk who believe the word familiar only belongs to animals
used in formal rituals, I have to point out that real life is vastly more important than
ritual. Not wanting to be redundant, but wanting to address those who are not already
convinced of this, I ask that you please read Chapter 6 of my book Wicca for Couples
(New Page Books, 2001) to understand where I am coming from on this issue.

If you have bonded with a specific animal, that creature is your familiar. It doesn’t
actually matter if you have welcomed it into your home or given it a name. Those ac-
tions are more a result of the bonding process. It is the joining of hearts that denotes
the union and that union, rather than its formal marking is what is important. Except
for the practicality of limiting factors, it also matters not if you have one or one hun-
dred and one. Like relationships with humans, there is plenty of love to go around. But
also like relationships with humans, there is only so much time in a day. I have observed
that my closest friendships are shared with people who, like I, do not have a tremen-
dous number of close friends.

One need not place his dog on his altar and bless him for that dog to be his familiar.
Neither does one need to take one’s cat everywhere one goes or buy it special jewelry
to mark its rank as familiar. Oh, these things might seem fun, but often they are more
for the amusement of the owner than the bond between one and his or her critters. It’s
not a hard concept to understand, and yet people sometimes seem completely blind in
this regard.

If you were to ask a bare footed friend if they want to walk on hot pavement all
afternoon, they would probably say no. Yet every year at our local Community Festi-
val3, I see dozens of dog owners walking their dogs on the blacktop, at a complete loss
to understand why their beloved pets are practically goose-stepping. Finally, I figured
it out. It wasn’t that they did not care about their animals, it was because they did not
communicate with them. Upon this realization I started attending with a sign on my
canopy that reads: “Your dogs are walking funny because their feet are being burned.”
Amazingly, people read the sign and instantly brought their animals onto the grass of
the park. One woman even dropped to her knees in tears and covered her dog’s feet
with water from one of those stylish bottles. More often than not, when we abuse our

t WB Chap 12.p65 7/11/2003, 5:55 PM214

Page 424

Index 429

Roman alphabet, 120

Roman Holidays, 185-199

Sabbats, conducting rituals for the, 129

Samhain, 138-141

Satan, worship of, 9

Seasons of the Sun, 136-137

Second Exodus, 71

Second Rite of Handfasting, 126

Second Union, 88-90

Self-Dedication Rite, 18

September, 196-197

sex, and Wicca, 258-259

Sextilis, 195-196

Skirophorion, 178-179

Sky, creation of, 44

skyclad vs. dressed, during rites, 29-30

sleep bath, 20

smudging, in handfasting, 128

solar year, eight spokes of the, 50

solitary practitioners, 240

soul, the nature of, 202-208

Spiral Scouts, 237-238

spirit, conception of, 257-258

Spring Equinox, 146-147

Summer Solstice, 149-151

Summer, creation of, 45

Summerland, common Wiccan, 263, 264

creation of the, 46
seasons of the, 136-137

Symbolic Great Rite, 34-39

temple, preparing for rites, 30

Thanking Lord and Lady, 38

Thargelion, 177-178

Third Rite of Handfasting, 126

13 Goals of the Witch, 235

13 Principles of Wiccan Belief, 233-234

as magickal number, 54
as number of humanity, 55-59
as number of fate, 59-61
as number of Wiccan Self-Dedication,

as number of the Outsiders, 63-64
as number of Mother Earth, 99-101
as number of Father Sky, 102-103

three-fold name, 118

Toba Volcano,
eruption of the, 71-72
survivors of the, 72

twelve, as sacred number, 167-169

varar, reviewing the, 118-119

war, gods and goddesses of, 245-249

Wheel of the Year, 134

Wicca and relationship with plants, 109

Wicca and sex, 258-259

Wicca vs. Witchcraft, 10

as religion, 10, 18
defined, 12, 18

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Page 425

A Wiccan Bible430

ethics and dogma of, 233-235
traditions of, 14

Wiccan community, defining the, 236-238

Wiccan Rede, The, 52, 53-54

Wiccan ritual, basic aspects of 24-39

Wiccan traditions, 52

Wiccaning, Rite of, 18, 21, 22-23

Winter Solstice, 141-143

Winter, creation of, 45

Winterlands, traditional Pagan, 264-265

Witchcraft, as a religion, 9

written language as sacred, 119-120

Yew, importance to Wicca, 110-111

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