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TitleA Model of Composite Dark Matter in Light-Front Holographic QCD
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Table of Contents
                            Notations and Conventions
Basics of Gauge/Gravity Duality
	The Holographic Principle
	Type IIb Strings on AdS5
		Anti-de Sitter Space
		Type IIb String Theory
		Conformal Field Theory
		AdS/CFT Correspondence
	Holography Bottom-up
Light Front Holography
	The Problem with Strong Interactions
		Experimental Evidence of QCD
	Light-Cone Quantisation
		The Hamiltonian Quantisation Scheme
	Modelling Hadrons
		Light-Front Wave Equation for Mesons
		The Duality
		Effective Potential
		Light Front Wave Equation for Baryons
	Hard- and Soft-Wall Models for Hadrons
		Meson Masses
		Baryon Masses
	Form Factors for Hadrons
		Meson Form Factors
		Nucleon Form Factors
	Improving the Model
A Model of Composite Dark Matter
	A Word About Dark Matter
		Observational Evidence for Existence
		The Dark Matter Problem
		Exclusions from Direct Detection Experiments
	Proposing a New Strongly Interacting Sector
Conclusions And Discussion
Tables of Particles

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