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Co-owners receive keys to the front door of the Clubhouse
for access to the seasonal pool and restrooms. Co-owners
may use the clubroom for meetings and social events such
as Quail Crest neighborhood parties. Co-owners pay rent
for Clubhouse use only when guests include non-residents
or when the room is used for personal purposes. The pool
and the patio around the pool may not be used for non-
Association events. Co-owners should contact the
volunteer Rental Director, listed in the Directory, to tour the
Clubhouse facilities, determine rental cost, and schedule

Door-to-door soliciting is not allowed. Co-owners should
inform solicitors that all for-profit and nonprofit soliciting
is subject to trespassing laws and that solicitors must
immediately leave Quail Crest.

Co-owners are responsible for all deck carpeting and
related damage. The Association maintains decks, including
cleaning, painting, and rebuilding, based on the PM’s deck-
maintenance schedule or some special needs.

The Association and Co-owners split 50/50 the cost to
repair or replace external hinged and sliding doors,
including sills, frames and weather stripping. With Board

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