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TitleA Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics V
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Ok now before we proceed I have here Mr.

Potato. Do you know Mr. Potato from the

Movie the toy story?

Mr. Potato here have something to say about

our today’s classroom Rules.

Our senses will be our rules, the eyes, the ears,

and the mouth.

“Kindly say again my 3 rules”

When I say eyes, this is looking eyes. I want you

all to focus and look at the board all the time. Is

that clear. What is the first rule?

Next are the ears, when I say ears I want you all

to listen attentively because afterwards I am

calling someone to answer my question. What is

the second rule again?

And the last one, the most important one is the

mouth. When I say mouth class, this is the quite

mouth. I want you all to shut your mouth as I am

discussing in front. Is that clear?

What are the three rules again?

Ok, very good.

4. Review
Before we move on to our new lesson today

let’s have a review on adding numbers.

What do you call the number that being

added together.

What about the total of the two numbers.

Very Good class, now I need 4 students. Let’s

play a game entitled NAME THE PARENTS

GAMES. I have here the answer or the babies

of the numbers we need. All you need to do is

write the addends to board I will give to you.

The first participant who can give answer

without duplication will have the point. First

to get 3 points will lead. Ok.

Example 15

1. 19

2. 23

3. 85

4. 27

5. 31

6. 75

7. 21

8. 13

9. 35

Eyes, the ears, and the mouth.

Eyes/ looking eyes

Ear/ listening ears

The eyes, the ears and the mouth.



Yes Ma’am !

Page 3

10. 95

5. Motivation
Now let’s play a game. I need 3 pupils. This game is

spinning a wheel all you need to do is answer the given

decimal problems accurately and with speed. There is

an amazing prizes waiting for you.

B. Lesson Proper:
1. Presentation :

Very Good, Now class base from what we have answered

and based from your observation what do you think is our

topic for today?


Now let’s have our group activity. Now class I have a

here a classroom grocery math. Group 1 and group 2

answer the following. All you need to do is to fill out the

respective prices of the items needed. Add the given

decimals with or without regrouping.

8 + 7, 6 + 9, 10 + 5, 11 + 4.

0.31 + 0.60 =

0.59 + 0.2=

0.389 + 0.31 =


+ 8.23


+ 4.76


+ 5.21

Addition of Decimals without or with regrouping

21.59 + 12.34 = 33.93
13.36 + 34.39 = 47.75
11.79 + 25.88 = 37.37
34.39 + 25.88 =
12.34 + 11.79 =

+ 8.23

+ 4.76

+ 5.21

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