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(2) 偏官偏官偏官偏官 (Pian Guan, Qi Sha- Indirect Officer) 偏官也叫杀, 七杀, 七煞等.六亲方面, 代表女命之偏夫, 男命之儿子.
Pian Guan also known as "sha", Qi Sha (7-killing), in term of relationship, for woman it represent 偏夫
"Pian Fu" (2nd Husband or lover), for man it represent Son.七杀与正官功用大体相似, 唯须注意的是, 正官乃以合作为手段, 其性较温和; 七杀乃以竞争为手段, 其性较偏激, 霸道无情.
7-killing is similar to Zhen Guan in term of function, the difference is that Zhen Guan is using cooperative

mean while 7-killing is more toward competitive mean; more merciless. 如果八字制化恰当, 则煞气可做威权而用, 更可发挥才能, 古今大富贵, 大权威者, 大都有这种格局; 如果制化不得当, 则日主弱, 祸来难料, 日主强, 命途也多怪异.古语说:"若人有偏官, 犹如抱虎眠", 这就意味着偏官格的人敏捷, 权力欲望强, 善弄权术, 独断独行.
If the Bazi is appropriate (favourable), and Sha Qi can be used favorably and usefulness, the person will

prosperous throughout the life. Also a person with strong power and status has such formation. If the Bazi is

un appropriate (unfavourable), for example, DM weak, unexpected disaster will come. If the DM is strong

and the pattern is strange, as old saying: "weak DM that has Pian Guan, just like holding a dormant tiger"

This is because person with Pian Guan is fast in action (agile), desire for power, good in political skill and

act arbitrarily (impulse). 因此, 世界上于许多大成功者度是偏官格.
Therefore, a lot of successful people has the Pian Guan chart type (ge).而且,此格之人一想到任何花样时, 就会马上付诸行动, 和同为"官星"的正官那种稳健的作法完全不同.
Also, people with this type of chart, when they think of an idea, they will straight away act on it, which is

totally different from zhen guan type of people. 身弱杀强, 行事阴沉偏激, 具叛逆性, 容易走极端, 秉性孤独.身强杀旺带刃, 作事果敢有魄力, 嫉恶如仇而有威严, 能有大发展.
If weak DM and strong Sha, the person will tend to do things to the extreme, rebellious, keep to oneself. If
DM strong and Sha is favourable (旺 wang), daring and courageous in performing task, hates the wicked as
if they were personal enemies but with dignity, the person has great potential.命带偏官, 一生大多无法过着平稳生活, 且这种人的职业大都为军人, 政治家, 如果再兼有偏印的话, 便可以当一个学者, 宗教家, 教育家, 医生, 律师,艺术家等.
Person with this type of chart, mostly unable to live steady life, they are mostly army personnel and

politician. If there is Pian Yin (Indirect Resources), the person can be in the profession of scholar, religious

leader, teacher, doctor, lawyer and artist.一般来说, 偏官格的人, 主坚强, 有魄力, 富男性美, 能忍辱负重, 负责任,肯努力, 颇符合竞争日益激烈的社会.杀旺比劫弱, 表示兄弟无缘, 甚至有所刑克, 且难得朋友真心相助, 常会遇兄弟或朋友因利害关系而发生冲突.
Mostly people with Pian Guan chart type (ge), with strong DM, has the boldness, attractive, can endure

humiliation, responsible, hardworking, quite comfortable in the competitive society. If Sha strong and Jie
weak, no affinity with siblings. If there is punishment relationship (Xing 刑克), no true friend will come
and help. Because of this, there will be argument or conflict between friends and siblings. 食制杀太过, 个性外刚内怯, 做事患得患失, 狐疑不决, 而无法完全发挥个人力量, 可能成为一个穷学者.官杀混杂, 主婚姻不定.
If there is too many type of Eating Sha (食制杀), the person will appear to be strong but timid inside and
always get in trouble, suspicious and indecisive and unable to demonstrate his/her own strength, therefore

can become a poor scholar. If the Officers (官杀) is complicated, the person marriage will be complicated.日支座杀, 官杀混杂, 夫妻易反目, 难得圆满相处.时柱有偏官, 和子女缘分较薄. 不过有食制杀, 子女多半会在文学界, 艺术界, 或军正界发挥所学而获得名望.
Day pillar sitting on Sha and Officer Sha is complicated, there will be quarrel between husband and wife,

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