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Hot Shot Technique

A card in the middle of the deck is shot out.

1) Hold the deck in your left hand, like you would do a Charier Cut (Pass), but
instead of curling your first finger under the deck, it is resting just like the other
fingers on the right long side of the deck. Now, remove all fingers, except for
the thumb and your first finger. The other fingers are bend in and do not touch
BODY AND CLOSEST TO YOU. Remark: deck is held flat.

2) Stretch out your left middle finger (the other fingers are automatically

stretched when you do this), so that this finger rests against the left long side

of the deck (the same side of the thumb).

3) Here is the tricky part: with your left thumb (laying at the left upper corner of
the deck), you bevel the upper half of the deck up and to the left (the upper
half thus supported by the thumb and the tip of your first finger), in a clockwise
arc. Keep rotating the upper half (the lower half of the deck is held between
the other side of your first finger and your middle finger) UNTIL BOTH
HALVES ARE PARALLEL WITH EACH OTHER (they are separated by the tip

of your first finger).

4) Now, move the upper half (= here the left half) UNDERNEATH the right

half; the upper half still held between the thumb and the first finger. At the

same time, you curl in the middle and ring finger so that the right half is held

between those fingers and the first finger.

5) At the moment both halves ALMOST are re-assembled to a full deck, you

stretch out your left first finger (which was naturally bend to support the lower

half until now, remember), moving the bottom card of the now-top-half of the

deck IN A CLOCKWISE ARC (thus: up and to the right) with it.

6) At this point, the single card should be sticking at right angles out of the

deck, just like a gun.

7) Stretch you’re left middle finger and rest the tip of it against the inner corner

of the single card (the corner that is closest to you). The first finger doesn't

contact the card anymore now.

8) Quickly, move your stretched middle finger to you, causing the card to bend

lightly. At the moment the card is clearing the deck, you bend the tip of the

middle finger very fast inwards: the card is clearing your finger and swivels (at

a high speed) out of the deck, in your waiting right hand.


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