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Name: ____________________________ Badge: ___________________ Date: June 15, 2011


2.0 – Inspector Preparation and Training (Course Overview)

In the new training program currently being initiated at Saudi Aramco, API course Participants

cover training items and are shown how to acquire the following skills to prepare for API exams:

 Perform & Practice all critical calculations relative to Examination Body of Knowledge

 Apply Code requirements to questions and calculations that appeared on previous exams

 Understand Codes and important points most likely to be covered on API examinations

 Understand Welding Procedure Specification basics and Welding Code Requirements

 Review all Examination effective publications and highlight items per Examination rules

 Understand the applicable Damage Mechanisms per API 571 associated with exams

 Prepare API Examination Publications (highlight, tab, index) for quick & easy reference

 Tips for Time Management and managing stress associated with Professional Exams

3.0 – Inspector Commitment to Self-Study (Read Carefully Before Signing)

API examinations are difficult for those who are unprepared to take on the added responsibility

for self-study. There is no “magic formula” or any training course or seminar that can prepare

you 100% for these exams. In the past, overall Pass/Fail rates on API exams have been very poor

for Saudi Aramco employees because of a lack of proper preparation for the Professional exams.

These failures have been carefully analyzed and a careful and considerate course preparation has

been developed that includes two weeks of training for each of the three major API certifications.

API course Participants are requested to make a commitment to self-study prior to participating

in their applicable API Training Course. If you are unable to commit to the additional self-study

hours recommended, it is recommended that you discuss this with instructor or not participate in

the Classroom Training. If you have significant self-study time already, see Sect. 4, Instruction 2.

Your name & signature below states that you are serious and committed toward achievement of

your requirements for preparation for your Professional exam and that you will follow the Saudi

Aramco API Training Program guidelines and perform / document self-study after completion of

your Classroom training. See the following page for Self-Study documentation instructions.

1. API 510 Exam preparation includes 50 Classroom hrs + 200 – 250 additional self-study hrs

Name (Print) + Signature: _________________________________________ Date: __________

2. API 570 Exam preparation includes 50 Classroom hrs + 150 – 200 additional self-study hrs

Name (Print) + Signature: _________________________________________ Date: __________

3. API 653 Exam preparation includes 50 Classroom hrs + 150 – 200 additional self-study hrs

Name (Print) + Signature: _________________________________________ Date: __________

Note: API training courses planned for 2011 & later include API 571, API 577, and API 936.

The required participation for these events will be added into this document at a later date.

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