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Flirt Mastery
24 Traits of the Superior
Alpha Male

By Steve Scott

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Flirt Mastery •

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After you’ve grown comfortable with this “learning
environment”, you’ll want to do the same thing with
random strangers. As you know, the thought of
approaching women often fills guys with a ton of anxiety.
But with this exercise, you’ll learn to relax whenever you’re
meeting a girl for the first time.

This exercise is similar to the one that I recommended to
build confidence. In fact, add this small step when you’re
out there approaching 5 women a day. Besides gaining
experience with starting a conversation, you want to
monitor your emotions when you’re talking to a woman.
Then do the same thing that I recommended before…Find
your tense areas and slowly release this stress!

Being a strong guy means knowing when to relax around
women. If you complete these three steps, you’ll discover
it’s easy to display a poised, powerful attitude.


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Flirt Mastery •

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Trait #12- Display Your Authority

Women love guys in a power position!

Actually, it’s true that all people, not just women , enjoy
being in close proximity to a person in a power position.
Whether it’s a politician , policeman , sports figure , or
famous movi e actor , we enjoy “rubbing elbows” with the
elite members of society. In a way, meeting (or
knowing) an authoritative person gives us a feeling of
increased social status.

You can use this quality to your advantage. Since
women naturally gravitate towards an authoritative guy,
you could learn how to project the same kind of attitude.

Done correctly, a guy with an authoritative attitude has all
the same qualities as a high status person. He’s well
connected, he’s knowledgeabl e about a variety of topics
and he truly understands social dynam ics. When you act
like an authority you kno w how to do things and you're not
afraid to voice your own opinion.

I first discovered the effe ctiveness of authority when I was
reading a book on human psychology. In this resource,
the author stated humans tend to believe anything they’re
told if it’s said with enough conviction. So if you see a guy
on television talking about all his money, you’ll probably
trust him if he shows enough “proof” and seems believable.

With a woman, you can the ‘authority principle’ to
your advantage. By acting confident in what you’re
saying, she’ll tend to believe you. In fact, you want to
develop the habit of controlling a conversation and steering
it towards topics in which you’re knowledgeable.


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Doing these activities will make you a busy guy! Instead
of being a boring person that’s unattractive, you’ll be
the guy who is out there living life!


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Flirt Mastery •

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Parting Thoughts…

Well, those are the 24 Traits of the Superior Alpha
Male! Hopefully you’ve learned a lot about the qualities
that women find attractive in a guy.

If you work on developing all of these traits, you’ll discover
that you won’t have to rely heavily on gimmicky routines…
You’ll simply be a naturally attractive guy who has
great success with women!

The important thing to understand is women highly value
these qualities in a guy. And the most “in demand” women
will be the ones who are on a constant lookout for
someone who can embody all the traits of the Superior
Alpha Male. This means you have to work hard if you
want to be really successful!

So I recommend you do each of the exercises and make
them part of your life! Ultimately, you’ll find that they will
help you grow as man and create success in many other
aspects of your life…Not just with women!

And the best way to get started is to take that first step…

Good luck!


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