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Title2- Introduction to Graphic Communication
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Introduction to Graphic Introduction to Graphic


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The Important of Graphics in the The Important of Graphics in the
Design ProcessDesign Process

1. Visualization
2. Communication
3. Documentation

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Technical Sketching

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Methods of creating technical drawing

Freehand drawings are know as
sketches and are an important
communication tool that engineers
use frequently when designing

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Creating an
oblique sketch

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Individual assignmentIndividual assignment

• Procedures:
– Identify any product either small or large
– Make a sketch of all the parts with dimensions showing the

width, height, and depth of the peaces
– Label the parts and complete a parts list by listing all the parts,

including the materials, basic dimensions, and the part names.
– Overall length should not exceed 2 pages but not less than 1

– Please staple your assignment in the upper left-hand corner. Do

not otherwise bind the report or use any hard/plastic covers.
– On the front page please include the title of product, your name

& matrix no and date of finishing.
– Please submit your assignment 24 July 2006 (before 5 pm) at

my student assignment box at JKRP office.

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