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Title(1911) A History of the Salem Witchcraft Trials
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SB 3D2 A33

Village Witchcraft

Mrs. Elizabeth Howe's Trial



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Trial of Mrs. Elizabeth Howe 35

This a true account of the examination of Eliz :

How taken from my characters written at the
time thereof.

Witness my hand
[Signed] Sam Parris.

The Indictment. The Case
Heard June 29th and 30th and July 1st

The jurors of our Sovereign Lord and Lady the

King and Queen represent That Elizabeth How
wife of James of Ips. the 31st day of May the
fourth year of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady
Wm.and Mary by the Grace of God of England
Scotland ffrance and Ireland King and Queen
defenders of the ffaith &c. and Divers other days
and times as well before as after Certaine De-
testable Acts called Witchcraft and sorceries

wickedly and ffelloniously hath used Practiced
and Exercised at and within the Township of
Salem in the county of Essex aforesaid in upon
and against one Mary Walcott of Salem Village
singlewoman by which said wicked arts the said

Mary Walcott the 31th day of May in the 4th
year aforesaid and Divers other Days and times
as well before as after was and is Tortured,
Afflicted Pined Consumed wasted and Tormented
and also for sundry other Acts of witchcraft by
said Elizabeth How Committed and Done before
and since that time agt the Peace of our Soverigne
Lord and Lady the King and Queen and against
the form of the statute in that case made and

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36 The Witchcraft Delusion

The Witnesses
Timothy and Deborah Perley

the first of iune 1692 the deposition of timothi

Perley and deborah Perley his wife timoth Perley
aged about 39 and his wife about 33 there being
som diference between goode how that is now
seized namely Elizabeth Howwife of James How
Junr and timothi Perli abovesaid about som
bords the night following our cous lay out and

finding of them the next morning we went to
milk them and one of them did not give but two
or thre spoone fuls of milk and one of the other
cous did not give above halfe a Pinte and the
other gave aboute a quart and these cous used to

give three or four quarts at a meale two of these
cous continued to give litle or nothing four or five

meals and yet thes went to a good inglish pasture
and within four dais the cous gave ther full Pro-

portion that thir used to give.

furder deborah Perley testifieth and as consent-

ing hanah Perley Samuel Perleys daughter that
was so sore afflicted her mother and she coming to
our house hanah Perley being suddinli scared &
so thers that womanshe goes into the oven and out
againe and then fell into a dredful fit and when I
have asked her when she said that womanwhat
woman she ment she tould me ieams hows wife
sometimes hanah Perley went along with me to
ieams hows an sone fell into a fitt goode how was
ueri louing to her and when the garl and I came

away i asked whi she talked so of goode how being

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