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Title15. ECE - Designing of Microcontroller - Dahlan RP Sitompul
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Designing of Microcontroller 8051 Based Learning Media of Control by 111
Using the MCU 8051 IDE and C Programming Language with a C-Compiler
of SDCC-Small Device C Compiler to Support the Implementation of Active
Learning in Higher Education-ALFHE (Active Learning for Higher Education) [email protected]



From the results of simulation program testing and its implementation in the class a few thing can be obsered,

• Program runs as planned and is stable

• The student can run the simulator immediately

• The student can immediately modify the program according to their needs or ideas that emerged in each group

of study.


This paper is expected to contribute to science, particularly in the fields of microcontroller, computer, and control.

And can be used as a media of learning in an active learning class in higher education. Hopefully it will facilitate the

student to master the learning materials and the teacher/lecturer can run the class much better.









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