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Title09. PowerSHAPE 2015 - Delcam Electrode En
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Table of Contents
                            Delcam Electrode
	Starting Delcam Electrode from PowerMILL
	Starting Delcam Electrode in PowerSHAPE
	Changing the Electrode options
		General page
		Base page
		Alignment page
	Creating an electrode
		Select product and electrode objects
		Electrode wizard - Specify Electrode Blank (pre-selected solid)
		Select Region page of the Electrode Wizard - Design
			Creating missing geometry
			Dividing a face
			Dividing multiple faces
			Divide Face in Solid dialog
		Extension Distance Options page of the Electrode wizard
			Advanced Extension options
			Extension Segments dialog
		Electrode Simulation dialog
		Specify Electrode Blank page of the Electrode Design Wizard
			Vector burn electrodes
		Specify Electrode Holder page of the Electrode Wizard - Design
		General Options page of the Electrode Wizard - Design
			Additional Electrode Details dialog
		Electrode Family page of the Electrode wizard
		Export Options page of the Electrode wizard
	Tips for creating electrodes
		Checking direction of Z axis
		Using the correct selection method
		Dealing with top fillets
		Experimenting with extension options
		Setting the height dimensions of a user-defined blank
		Registering a solid as an electrode
	Creating multiple electrodes for the same region
	Side-sparking and vector-burn electrodes
		Adding user-defined text to a GA Setup Sheet
		Adding vector-burn information to a GA Setup Sheet
	Copying an electrode
		Copy Electrode dialog
	Editing an electrode
		Edit Electrode dialog
	Sequencing electrodes
	Electrode frames
		Defining electrode frames using the blanks.csv file
	Exporting and Importing Electrodes
		Exporting to a Charmilles job file
		Export to OPS Ingersoll format
		Exporting data using custom scripts
			Outputting inspection points
		Exporting existing electrodes to a spreadsheet
		Electrode archive format (.trode)
			Delcam Electrode options in Windows Explorer
	Shading the burn area of an electrode
	Setting up your own blanks
		Units used by the blanks
	Configuring drawings
		Changing the template for the setup sheets
		Substitution strings
		Configuring Electrode setup sheets
			Controlling setup sheets using the interface
				Electrode Setup Sheet Control dialog
				Electrode Setup Sheet Settings dialog
				Electrode Setup Sheet Settings - example
			Configuring a combined setup sheet
			Updating setup sheets
			Electrode setup sheets configuration file
				Configuring balloons
	Using a materials alias file
		Adding a material to the Delcam Electrode alias file
	Generating a summary spreadsheet
		CSV file
			Configuring the .csv file
			Evaluation of mathematical expressions in substitution strings
			Editing the .csv template file
		HTML file
			Using the HTML file
			Configuring the HTML file
			Using the alternative template
		Adding more Additional detail fields
		Holder definitions
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