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Riddte Tables
First roll one die. If the result is odd, use Table i.
otherwise use Table B. Then rcll another die to [-rc
the riddle. Roll again iI you have had the rid&


If you feed it, it w l live;
ifyou give it water, it wlll
die. Whatis i t?

What kind of ear cannot

What has four legs and a
back, but cannot walk?

What gets wet as it dries?

The more you take away,
the larger it becomes.
What is it?

What comes once in a
minute, twice in a
momenL, but not once ln
a thousand yeais?


Die Roll



A clock

A bottle

A glove

A bed

A ver

A road
or path

An ea!
of corn

A chair

A towel

A hole


What has a face, but no

What has a neck, but no

What has four fingers
and one thumb, and is
neither fish, flesh, fowl

What is it that has four
legs, one head and a

What runs all day and all
night, and never stops?

What is it that goes uphill
and downhill, yet never

The letter M

Ending the Act

'-en you want to end the adventure, simply read

following out to the players:

irddenly there is a jerk, and yo arc all throun
-:-- a rd. You tealize tlat fhe ship has stopped dead . W hile
) .. nre pickihg yo1lrselues up off the floor, you notice a
i- ) tlge, noxious smell . A Joul greetl Bas is r ising from the
.:lj'ls beneith you, and lou stqrt to choke os iL reaches

a18 149

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