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Can out-of-body experiences help to shape our destinies? In

Soul Traveler, an amazing account of his own out-of-body

experiences, Albert Taylor shines a dazzling light into the

tunnel of the unconscious mind.

From an early age, Albert Taylor's sleep was frequently

disrupted by episodes of death-like paralysis accompanied

by extremely lucid dreams. His grandmother called them

"witch rides," and they truly terrified him. In his later quest

to diagnose what was wrong with him, Taylor learned that

these were early indications of his facility for out-of-body

experiences, also known as astral projection.

Overjoyed to have an explanation at last for this frightening

phenomenon, Taylor read everything he could find on the

subject and sought out people who could help him open his

mind to the very real possibility of traveling beyond our

physical plane. On these incredible flights, Taylor discovered

he could go to distant places, communicate with the spirits

of dead relatives, gain psychic insights, and even experience

miraculous healing. Eventually he came to a deeper under-

standing of his own role on Earth, and the meaning of life

Through extensive research and constant experimentation,

Taylor has actually learned to consciously control his "soul

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ing soul traveling, almost as if a link with the brain has
been interrupted. It appears that people, places, and
things with which I have no emotional ties are of little

For example, if I planned, while in the physical state,
to soul travel to a foreign country to observe top secret
activities, this event would likely not occur. Not because
I am incapable of doing it, but for the reason that it has
no spiritual significance. While soul traveling, I wonder if
I think more like the spiritual being that I am rather than
the earthly personality self I've slipped free of.

# January U. 1995

For some reason I had trouble falling asleep and
tossed and turned until long after midnight. Finally
something started to happen, even though falling asleep
was initially my goal.

The presence of the paralysis was heralded by a
swarm of buzzing bees. Astrally I sprang to the sitting
position and looked casually around the bedroom. I
focused on floating and rose a foot or so above the blan-
kets. I became aware of the sound of water coming from
the other side of the bedroom door. I began to recognize
the splashing sound; it was the shower in the bathroom.

I wondered why my wife had decided to take a shower
in the middle of the night. As I focused on the sound, the
door and wall, which separate our bedroom from the
hallway, abruptly ceased to be a visual obstacle. I could

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see the bathroom door framed by the light within, which
was physically impossible.

My attention shifted slightly, and I became aware of a
humanoid figure lying in the bed next to my body. Oh,
my God! I thought. If my wife is in the bathroom taking
a shower, then what is this resting beside me?

I began probing the figure with a part of my con-
sciousness. I was amazed at what transpired because I
was not using my astral hands to identify this reclining
intruder, I was using pure thought. I could mentally
touch this being from head to toe all at the same time.

Who is this? Fear crept over me. I bolted toward my
body, using the abort sequence, the little finger trick, and
fright. I reconnected at the same moment I felt a familiar

"Are you okay?" my wife asked.
"Uh, yes . . . I'm fine," I replied realizing the blatant

error in observation I had just made. My wife was not
taking a shower, my older son was. Feeling foolish, I lay
down, listening to the sounds of my son Brandon com-
pleting his shower and turning off the water.

The next morning I asked Brandon why he had
decided to take a shower at two o'clock in the morning.
"Dad, I didn't get off work until one-thirty this morn-
ing," he said. "Sorry, did I wake you up?"

"No, I was already awake, sort of."
This experience was a major clue for me about the

properties of the physical world. As humans, most of us
are aware of nothing beyond what our five senses tell us.
But to a nonphysical spirit or soul traveler, the physical

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For More Information

Albert Taylor enjoys hearing from his readers. You
can reach him via e-mail at: [email protected],
or through Penguin Putnam Inc., attention Audrey
LaFehr, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY
10014. Thanks!

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