Cover Reveal: My Girlfriend Bites by Doug Solter

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My Girlfriend Bites


Title: My Girlfriend Bites

Author: Doug Solter

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date: July 16th, 2013

Sometimes the boy gets the werewolf.

When he sets out to find the perfect girl, 16-year-old Aiden discovers she’s the imperfect werewolf he’s always been searching for.

After his “dream” girl rejects him, Aiden tries to commit suicide yet mysteriously survives. Now he feels like a total loser with zero possibility of finding a girl. Enter Bree, the creepy girl with too much hair who is rumored to be mentally disturbed. When Bree gives Aiden a ride home during a storm, the girl’s random act of kindness spurs a friendship that blossoms into love. But that love gets tested when Aiden discovers his new girlfriend is a werewolf.

To make this relationship work, Aiden needs to keep Bree’s secret from his best friend. Deal with a family of werewolves who want to protect their daughter. Stop Bree from killing the first “dream” girl when she changes her mind about Aiden. Oh yeah, and he has to stay away from Bree during her mating cycle. Girl werewolves can get a little crazy when they’re in love.

But Aiden’s true test comes when he must save Bree from an enemy determined to annihilate all the werewolves. An enemy who killed all the wolves in Bree’s pack. An enemy so terrifying…they give werewolves nightmares.

Too bad Bree can’t turn a coward into a fearless werewolf. That bite thing is only a myth. So Aiden will have to do the most frightening thing ever…believe in himself.

Author Bio:

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Doug went to college at nearby Oklahoma State where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film production and worked in local television for 20 years. Doug began writing screenplays in 1998 and became a 2001 semi-finalist in The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting for his fifth screenplay, Father Figure. His tenth script, Rail Fan, became a quarter-finalist in 2009. Soon after, Doug made the switch to writing young adult novels. Skid, a young adult novel set in the world of Formula 1 racing, is his first.

 You can find Doug at: Website|Goodreads|Twitter|Facebook|Tumblr|Google+



Poor Bree has gone crazy. That would answer a lot of things. My early hypothesis that she’s really a wolf is too insane. It’s obvious that Bree thinks she’s some kind of animal, but that must be a sign of mental illness. Okay. If I want to be her real friend, I should tell someone that my new girlfriend needs to see a psychiatrist.

Bree guides me through the grove of trees and down this path that twists inside the park. We pass two empty basketball courts shinning from a quad of lights above them. We pass a playground full of swings and slides.

Bree squeezes my hand and I look at her. She gives me a reassuring smile. Okay. I need to act confident and support my girlfriend. I won’t laugh at her or make fun of her. I’ll keep telling myself that she’s a girl who needs help and I want to help her. So in response to Bree’s smile, I squeeze her hand.

The girl’s face lights up instantly and she pulls me along as our stroll turns into a run.

I’m panting when we reach a lighted picnic area with four metal tables and a public grill with pieces of used charcoal caked inside. This area of the park is pitch-black. Making the lighted picnic area stand out like an island in a sea of dark.

Bree releases my hand, leaps up on a table like a gymnast, and then swivels around to face me. All with perfect balance. “Have a seat.”

I hesitate. I’m getting nervous again.

Bree jumps off the table and holds my hands. Her amber eyes focus on me. “Don’t be scared. No matter what happens, remember this…I will never, ever, hurt you, Aiden.”

No matter what happens? What the hell is going to happen? And why do I have to worry about getting hurt?

This isn’t helping.

“You’ll be fine,” Bree purrs, her voice soothing. For a minute, I believe her. “Please sit down,” she repeats.

I sit and place my hands across the cold, iron top of the picnic table so I can steady them.

Bree hops up on another table and stands tall. “Now watch me closely and don’t freak out.”


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