Cover Conversation: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

October 14, 2012 Others 1

Hey everyone!

This is a new post feature I’ll be doing every once in a while; when I just feel the need to discuss book covers. The good, the bad, the most anticipated – it will all be viewed here! On this edition we’ll talk about the Across the Universe series written by Beth Revis.

Across the Universe is a trilogy that has to be one of my top favorites. It’s the story of a space exploration mission gone wrong. Amy, her parents, and a cargo full of other essential scientist and military people were frozen on board a space ship and expected to wake up three hundred years in the future on a new planet. That was the plan. Until one day Amy wakes up only to realize that she was woken up fifty years earlier than expected and someone is killing the other frozens.

These books are also known for there beautiful covers as well. I absolutely adore them!

Book 1: Across the Universe

Is this cover not gorgeous or what? I love everything about it. The colors, the stars, the couple. However the fact that it shows a couple on the cover is a bit misleading. Romance was not a major factor in the book. But that doesn’t make me like the cover any less!

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Book 2: A Million Suns

Much like the first book, this cover is absolutely gorgeous as well. It still has the same great aspects — the colors, the stars the couple. In this book the relationship between the two main characters does pick up a some so it  is — in my opinion — appropriate to have a couple on the cover.

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Book 3: Shades of Earth

Now this is where people are talking. The yet to be released final installment of the series. As you can see the cover to this one is vastly different from the previous covers. Personally — I like this cover. This is the point in the series where they’re on the new planet. We know nothing about Centauri-Earth. The cover gives you a hint of what it may be like, it seems like there might be a rainforest or jungle.

Most fans of this series are disappointed. They prefer the previous designs and like to have matching covers when it comes to series. Despite losing their original starry and romantic design book one and two have been redesigned to match the upcoming sequel.

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So the three books will look like this:

What do you think of the covers?

  • Tina

    I liked the original covers to first two books as well! But the new covers aren’t bad. I like the fact that we’ll have matching ones for the upcoming release.